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Here is a collection of my daily rants, design projects, photoshoots, and any other forms of creative escapes I need at the time. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!


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Silverplate Press logos

Hey guys! It's your ol' pal, Miss Indecision and Miss Changemymindalot. As you've probably heard, I'm in the midst of starting up a letterpress shop, called Silverplate Press! (Thanks for all those who voted on the name!) Over the past little bit I've been working on a logo. One thing lead to other things... lots got scrapped and lots revisited... and I'm hoping that I've got it narrowed down now. I'm looking to have a vintage stamp/emblem feel to it. Anyway what do you guys think of these? It's not really a vote this time around, I would just love to hear your thoughts.

Option A & B

Option C & D

Option E & F


Things are looking up

Bahah..  so cheesy, but it's kinda true too. This morning was a different story, entirely. I woke up and realized that I forgot to move the car (can't be parked between 7-9am on one side of the street and 4-6pm, on the other, I know, TOTALLY STUPID), and I jumped out of bed as if by electrical shock... and I ran out the door to move it. 7:01 I was waiting for the slowest elevator in the world... by 7:03 it felt like I had already ran a 100m sprint... and what do you know? a TICKET! COME ON!!! Seriously... they must have been waiting by my car for the clock to strike 7. I totally thought it was gonna be one of those days...

... but I think karma was on my side. It seems like I'm finally starting to get some leads on potential design jobs... or at the very least I'm starting to know more people in the Toronto design world, which is both exciting and also totally frightening to think that soon I'll be in this mysterious world. I also just found out that my posters were selected to receive another award! Woot! Recognition is ahhhhwwwesome! The funny thing is this other award is part of the RGD section in the Applied Arts magazine that will be coming out... so my posters are going to be in there twice! How crazy is that!? 

My friend Sylvia Pond took this photo... and yes she's got a photography business, here's her link.

Convocation invite

I'm finally graduating! Woot! It was a long and tiresome journey, that was TOTALLY WORTH IT! I feel like I've learned so much and hopefully it'll pay off with a good job! (Still on the hunt) As one of my final assignments as a student designer at OCAD, I got to design my own convocation invite! LOL! So it was pretty funny getting my own design work in my mail. Ha! It's official I'm graduating on June the 4th! Woot!



I'm in Toronto Life this month!! Woot! It's my first huge ad in a known magazine in the city! (the one on the left is mine)... It even has my name on it! Seriously! What designer gets to do that these days?! Totally awesome! It was a volunteer job I did for Partners in Art, who are putting on a fundraiser for local and international artists. It sounds kinda neat! 


An Audrey Book

Since I'm on this kick of page flipping goodness, I thought that I'd show you what my Audrey brand proposal book turned out like. It was done for my strategic brand development class, and I've gotta say that my favourite part of the whole process has to be the photoshoot with Sandi. She's such a great 'Audrey', isn't she? 


Thesis Process Book

Okay, so today was one those days that I wish would have gone a whole lot easier. Today was the day that I decided to print my gigantic thesis process book, and since I had never printed anything of my own in signatures before, I had a few hoops to jump through first. After like 5 hours of getting chummy with the printer guy, we FINALLY got it to work out right, without down-sampling all the images! (WTF!? I KNOW!!!) Anyway, it was long. it was tiresome, but I'm hoping it will all be alright when it's all bound and finished nicely. I'm supposed to get it back from the book binder tomorrow! CAN'T HOLD IN THE EXCITEMENT!!!  For now, here's a nice flippy/internet friendly version of my book.


thesis poster 3 : Not So Plenty Anymore

Here's the last of the Out of Sight, Out of Mind poster series that I recently finished as part of my thesis. It's a series of posters for change, through posters that change. 


thesis poster 2 : Down to the Last Drop

This is the 2nd poster in my out of sight, out of mind poster series. This time the message is about the fresh water shortage, and comparing it to to what we have seen with oil. You can see the first poster in this series here


thesis poster 1 : One Step Too Far

Using thermochromic ink, I made activist posters about change through posters that change and interact with the environment. This is the first of a series (hopefully 3 in total). It is a comment on the incredible amount of species we're losing – 3 every hour! That's the same rate at the dinosaur extinction! I needed to make this issue visible. So my idea was to cleverly make a statement about issues that are out of sight, through posters that would disappear with temperature change – in this case 30ºC, which is just lower than body temperature, and so with warm hands just a touch would create this change. Anyway this is all I've got to show now... more to come really soon. 


Letterpress: business cards

I just printed these a few days ago with the beloved vandercook. It was my first polymer plate, so I wasn't really sure what to expect, and with like a half hour of roller adjustments, I was ready to print. Since it's such precise printing, everything needs to be perfect to get a good impression. I'm loving the dark grey ink – you just can't get that with a regular printer. (thanks for the suggestion Matt! I have lots left over)