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Holiday Stamps

Our Christmas cards are officially sent! And I was quite shocked to see these fancy stamps they had at Canada Post today! I know they're totally on the religious side of the holiday motifs... but it's kind of refreshing in a way – instead of a typical Santa in a sleigh and raindeer everywhere... for fear that you might offend someone by saying "Christmas" instead of holidays. Anyway, it's refreshing, and I really love the bold colours in them. 

For a sneak peak at the Silverplate Press Christmas cards, take a look on the Silverplate Press Blog.


Santa is on his way

I just love this time of year! The countdown is officially on for Christmas! I have to admit though; I've been listening to Christmas music for weeks already! It seems like everyone else is starting to catch up now that it's December. This is what the beautiful Distrillry District is looking like these days! Isn't it magical! I know I'm a cheese-ball. lol. Merry Christmas everyone!


Let it snow!

It's the first snowfall of the season here in the T Dot! I've cranked the Christmas music and really starting to feel that good 'ol Christmas spirit! yeay!

Photo: Just snapped outside of work. 

Tiny bit of Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for all you out there!! I have to say I didn't think we'd actually get a tree this year – with the move and most of our holidays being spent with family it didn't seem like it was necessary... that was until I found THIS tree! Isn't it adorable?! It stands a whopping 17.5 inches high! Perfect for our new little place.



Happy Easter!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone! I've had this wreath up on our door for like a month, and it's so beautiful! I just love the twigginess of it. Anyway hope you all have a sunny weekend!


Vanilla Butter Cream! = Heaven

So my Love Day was spent making cupcakes with my love! What better way to spend it?! We made Vanilla cupcakes with a buttercream frosting! SO TASTY! They're disappearing pretty quickly though! (I'm not sure where they're going, lol)


Olive Juice!

This is adorable and SO great for VDay tomorrow! Soon we'll have to pack up all our little illustrated heart... so for now let's just enjoy as much of this Love season as we can! For those who don't know what Olive Juice is, just get someone to mouth the words to you and you'll see! So cute! I found the card here, on the supermarket website.

p.s. it looks like they're saying 'i love you' :)


Love Day is just around the corner

The day of love of just around the corner! And I know it's all commercialized, and maybe a bit ridiculous that we have to designate a day so that we remember to say 'i love you'... but the truth is that it's also such a wonderful day... the streets are filled with love, smiles and happiness. It's almost a bit magical (as cheesy as that may sound), but it's true! Love is totally in the air on Valentine's Day, and I sure hope that you all feel a little bit of that love.

I can't remember where I got the photo, credit to the original photographer


Now that the holidays are over...

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season. I seriously can NOT believe that it went by so quickly. There are so many things I want to blog about now. Let's start with Christmas.. I just love the colours of the season...
and the food! OMG I seriously have eaten enough to last me a long time... I even think I would be okay if I NEVER ate again! The polish side of my family has these great big Christmas eve dinners with perogie, bartch, fish... the list goes on and on. Justin and I helped make the perogie and "ushka" this year. Oh they were yummy.
So we ended up having 5 Christmas dinners! Yup I said FIVE! No wonder gym memberships go up this time of year! Anyway, it was really awesome spending so much time with family and friends! Like my sister-in-law Dani. (Hi Dani!) Isn't she just such a top model!? Totally!
So my mom's birthday tends to be a bit over-shadowed by either Christmas or New years... being the the second last day of the year. I'm sure it must kind of suck, but NOT this year! This year my mom turned the big FIVE-OH! (Hi Mom!). We celebrated with a beautiful dinner at such a cute restaurant, with great food and delcious hazlenut créme brulée! (and continued the party at home) And doesn't she look great!? I hope I take after my mom and look this young when I'm 50.
Fo new years eve we spent the night with friends at a oh-so-yummy Fondue party! We had both the meat and cheese fondues! OMG they were delicious! And the wine and the champagne was just flowing like water!Well I hope this makes up for the weeks that I didn't blog. The holidays were so great! It would be nice to relax now... lol!


Jingle bells are jingling.

The city is just jingling with Christmas! The Eaton's centre has this GIANT sworovski Christmas tree that just sparkles like crazy. It's pretty incredible! The Bay also has these beautiful Christmas window displays. The clock is my favourite! Eee! Christmas is almost here!