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Here is a collection of my daily rants, design projects, photoshoots, and any other forms of creative escapes I need at the time. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!


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Daniella & Rick engagement shoot

So I know I've been on a hiatus lately and I hope I'm not letting you down with my lack of blogging. Anyway, I'm back to share with you a lovely photoshoot that I did back in August with some great friends. You might know Daniella from (originally) Dress Design Decor... and the more recent and just as lovely; Daniella Marie. We've known each other for years and it was such a pleasure to shoot her and Rick's engagement photos along side another good friend; Natalie! It was like the good 'ol days were back and we were enjoying every minute of it! Daniella and Rick make such a sweet couple and I hope that I captured a bit of their happiness in these shots. There was so much laughter and giggles, and "look over here", "now there", "now kiss".... and "OMG what are you doing with that bauguette?!" It was hilarious! Here are some of my favourite shots...


You can see more on Daniella's blog; Daniella Marie


Foot tapping at the cottage

30 sec exposure on the night sky at the beach.

What an incredible long weekend! Once again this year's Labour Day was spent with some of our best friends at a lovely family cottage. 4 days of sun, (mixed with some minor rain & hail), campfires, beers, lemonade, laughs, junk food, zombie boardgames, euchre championships, swimming, splashing, sun-bathing, checking things off the bucket list and awesome tunes... I wish I was still there.

There was also some major ukulele & guitar jamming going on! Check it out! I'm actually tapping my FOOT! That hasn't happened until now. My pal Scott totally helped me get to a new level with my darling uke. We even made up a cottage song and totally rocked it! Awesome. Awesome. Awesome! Can't wait to jam again. 
Hope your weekend was a good one too!

Sneak Peak: Daniella & Rick engagement photos

Just this past weekend I was asked to photograph a friend's engagement photos... and if you know Daniella from Dress, Design, Decor, you know that she's got incredible style, and great taste in photography. Sooo... I was a bit nervous for the shoot... only because i wanted it to be everything she was hoping for. Luckily I was teamed up with another friend & photographer; Natalie from A bit of blue. Together we were able to capture some really incredible and authentic photos of these two love-birds. This is just a sneak peak, there are plently more where this one came from... and with over 900 photos it's hard to choose at this point. Soon though.. stay tuned. :) 


Tuesday evening on the island

It's so easy to forget how lucky it is to have such a beauitful getaway right in the city... and totally do-able for a meet up after work with some great friends! It was the perfect escape from the normal Tuesday evening, just chillin' on the beach, some wine, cheese cake, picture-perfect sunset, good laughs and great friends to share it with. :) 

(so nice to get together with you Sandi & Anna!)

Photo courtesy of Sandi!

Wood type from Paris!

I just love this wood type that Sandi just brought back for me from Paris!! Can you believe it?! These beautiful little letters came from a shop in Paris, FRANCE! I will cherish them, print with them, and of course make party invites with them. I can't decide which letter i love most! The Inline F, that kinda reminds me of Neutraface.. or that adorable accent on the e! Or the elegant t... or the bold modern e at the end! Love them all.

Thanks again Sandi for this lovely gift!


Goin' to the cottage!

This is IT! The first real long weekend of the summer! The one that kicks it all off! I can't wait to throw off my flip flops and walk on the sand, cozy up by a camp fire and just chill with friends and family! This weekend will be full of fun I'm sure... but since it's the first weekend of being offically openned, it will also be a weekend of spring cleaning, cottage-style! Woot! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

These photos were taken by Sandi! I hope she doesn't mind that I'm using them... heck what's she gonna say now?... I'm sure it's the last thing on her mind.. since she's in PARIS! Jealous!! lol. Kidding! Sandi, do you mind?


Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage to one awesome friend, Sandi! After months of time apart from her love, she's off to the most romantic city in the world with him. Sounds a little like a chic-flick if you ask me. lol! We'll have to put together a short film of the trip when she gets back... with some sappy/lovely background music from some indie/folk band! Sandi will be blogging here and there during her travels (or when she gets back)... and I'm sure the photos and stories will be lovely! Can't wait to see them!

Have a great and safe Voyage!!!

Image via We Heart It on Jackie Rueda's Flickr

A little trip... to a wintery city

You may have noticed that I haven't been around much... so let me fill you in on the latest. I went on a trip! First one in more than 4 years! Yes, FOUR! And after the 2 solid years of school, and jumping right into the work world... I was feeling a bit run down, and totally not my usual happy-self... especially lately for some reason. 

So... I got on a plane to Quebec City...
High above the clouds was the only time when I was in solitude this whole trip... it gave me time to think, and kind of reflect... with this view, I couldn't help it? (more to come on that later) The rest of the trip I spent with two amazing friends! (Hey girls!)

... the main reason for the trip was to celebrate Sandi's 25th birthday, what a great excuse! Happy birthday Sandi!!

We saw snowfalls like we've never seen before... I seriously mean HUGE flakes... snowflakes that felt more like snowballs... especially for Sandi, who literally got hit by an avalanche when it came rolling off the roof top of one of the buildings! no joke! One giant thud! and sandi was a snowman... Crazy! But true!

We also saw some beautiful architecture... 

And did some shopping (mostly admiring). Most of our days were spent in cafés drinking espresso or lattés and treating ourselves to delicious buttery crossiants, pasteries, crepes, and lots of cheese!

What an amazing trip... so refreshing, and totally unforgettable!



See that little excited/secret-keeping smirk on that man behind me... yeah, that's Justin... and I just walked in on a surprise graduation party that he had been planning for WEEKS!!! This is a man that for years gave me birthday or christmas presents the day before because the shear excitement was too much to bear! I am beyond shocked and amazed!! It was totally hilarious seeing 14 people squished into the tiniest corner of our little loft, yelling surprise!!! What a totally awesome way to finish off university! Thanks guys for coming and celebrating!

Photo by Sylvia Pond Photography


Give a pair of socks to the homeless

This Friday is going to be a big day for homelessness in the city! A friend of mine (Hey Tawnya!) has been working hard since last September on a thesis project that lead to a campaign that gives homeless a face... and this Friday is the launch date. She's done some really great research about homelessness in city and this Friday you can learn a bit more about what she's been doing, and pitch in 2 bucks for a pair of socks for one of the many homeless that live in the Toronto. If you live or happen to be in Toronto on Friday I really hope you come by! If you can't make it, but want to know more, check out Tawnya's blog; giving a face to homelessness

When: FRIDAY! (that's the 9th), All Day! (or until socks run out)
Where: Butterfield Park; 100 McCaul... That's right underneath OCAD's sharp center (that huge checkered box on stilts).

Image: Designed by Tawnya.