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Here is a collection of my daily rants, design projects, photoshoots, and any other forms of creative escapes I need at the time. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!


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Painting + Grey Wall

Are you wondering what I did with this painting? Well I think the "grey wall" was the perfect place for the light colours and softness of this painting. The other one doesn't have a permanent location just yet, but when it does, I'll be sure to post it. 


And another one...

I think I've starting to develop a style with my paintings... that sort of abstract/all about the flow and feeling-kinda style. I'm really loving the energy I can get with painting with wax and melting it back down to blend. I didn't really change much with the last painting... I was kinda afraid that I would wreck it, so I started another one to experiment on, and this is what came out of it! Who knows... I might add to it at some point...